Signs of Life


A few weeks ago I planted the first seeds of the year. The miracle of something so small, hard and shriveled awakening from the dark, cool soil has begun. For now the little sprouts are so precious, worth a picture, even. They will grow and flower to produce sweet tender pea pods and succulent peas for eating out of the shell. Eventually they will be overgrown and unruly and stop producing and it will be equally satisfying to pull out the stalks and clear away the debris. I love that, even though spring comes every year and sprouts and shoots always grow, it always seems new and somewhat unbelievable to be surrounded by so much green when things have been frozen for so long.


It seems like everyone at the community garden has been as eager as a seedling to be in the sun and soil. We had a work day which exemplified the power of teamwork. With everyone putting in an hour or two we accomplished far more than I had hoped and I could not thank everyone enough for the part that they did to help get the garden ready. There is lots more of this to come.


Not only is everything blossoming, leafing, singing, and growing voraciously, but I am feeling the busy-ness of spring quite fully. Everything in nature is going full force, the days are rapidly getting longer and I am juggling a few jobs, a class and still trying to find time to take in the season. There’s really nothing I can do but rush in fully and try to catch the energy of spring.


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