Our Handiwork

For the past few months, Ray and I have been busily working on projects.   I have collected a variety of cotton printed fabric which I have been doing nothing creative or unique with, simply folding and sewing square after square into cloth napkins.  Ray has been mixing grains and hops and flavorings, boiling and boiling, adding yeast and waiting for it to magically transform into beer (actually, its a scientific and exacting process, but I don’t really know the details).  You see, we are preparing for a great celebration and a grand feast.
We are getting married in about a month and on top of carefully selecting food and music, which other people will provide, we are each contributing with creative processes that we love, to share with the people we love.  Over a year ago, I was inspired by something like this to make multicolored, mismatched napkins to adorn the tables and give each guest a small piece of handiwork.  Though a napkin seems far from a quilt, these squares come from the same spirit of warmth, love, generosity and sharing.  Even though it is small and basic, I am excited to incorporate my love of fabric and creating into a small gift for each guest (which will also come in handy when eating artisan pizza fresh from a wood-fired oven!).  We have put a lot of work into this celebratory event and we are really excited to be able to share some of our creations with the people who will share this special day with us!