Garden Morning

It was a cool morning in the community garden, the light of early fall, dew heavy. Except for the tomatoes which did not survive late blight, everything is growing well. There are so many obstacles and challenges — excessive rain, insects and other hungry critters, weeds, diseases, then not enough rain. But its far from a fight. The plants do what they do best: grow and keep growing. We planted tiny brussels sprouts seedlings and eggplants that seemed like they would never get any bigger. We certainly lost a few, but now these tiny sprouts are tall and flourishing: the miracle of the seed continues.


The often hard work of growing and maintaining a garden is tempered by working as a group. Two times a week, a group gathers here to harvest everything that is ripe and ready. Amid conversation and new connections, we gather food which is shared with neighbors and community members who wouldn’t have access to such fresh and delicious plants which travel a fast, short distance to food pantry or front porch, ready to be eaten.
Its hard not to admire the beauty and bounty and to really appreciate the community that comes together to make it happen.
The light! The color! The soft soil under my feet, the potential for fabulous tastes and full bellies, these things bring me to the garden.



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