Undeniably Autumn

I’ve been reluctant to let go of summer, but in these parts it is undeniably autumn. Mornings of golden sunshine, dark dramatic clouds passing over bringing sudden showers and then moving on, crisper air and the need for layers, chilly nights snuggled under blankets. We went to the fair last weekend and soaked in all the ideas for rural and sustainable living, the amazing food, and the thousands of other fairgoers also absorbing it all. Its a good time to gather up ideas and inspiration for the cold, dark months ahead when they will simmer and bubble inside until, someday they can be used. This year, I was inspired by yarn as my interest in knitting reappears with the cooler weather and my desire to be cozy.

There were sheep, rabbits, alpacas and goats all displaying their knittable qualities and dozens of vendors selling wool in all its forms. After much browsing, I settled on two skeins from Hope Spinnery, one in a natural brown wool and the other in a sage green color. I wouldn’t call myself an avid knitter, but I find it relaxing and I enjoy that it is a very portable craft. A couple of years ago I knitted a sweater for Ray and after working on that intensely for several weeks I didn’t knit again for a long time. Last year I did a couple of projects and I hope to do a lot more this year. This is a start, anyway, and I am looking forward to a cozy hat to wear as autumn deepens. What fall projects are you working on?