Full of Possibilities


I am always amazed by seeds. That these tiny, dry, sometimes strangely shaped bits can, with soil, water, and sunlight become the plants that feed and sustain us. Each seed is the potential for life and it is incredible to think of them in the dark cool earth doing what they do best, fulfilling their destiny to grow. Seeds are full of possibilities. The garden that will be, the flavors, meals, and sustenance that will be made from these minute beginnings. Each one becomes something so much bigger.

I started planting my porch container garden this weekend. I have great hopes for the pots and boxes now filled with soil and seeds, but I’m not sure how it will all turn out. The spot, right outside our back door is south facing so it should get enough sun, but a lot of that light may be blocked by a tree whose leaves will soon make even more shade.  We do have a sort of yard in the back of our building and, since everything is in containers, I can always move them to a sunnier spot if I need to.


I have planted some herb seedlings, parsley, sage, and thyme. The basil seedlings are potted up, but I am keeping them inside until the weather gets warmer, probably later in May they will join the garden on the porch. I also planted seeds. I planted one window box with peas which are an early season crop, good in cool weather. I haven’t grown them in a window box before, so I’m not sure how they’ll do, but if they grow they way they are supposed to, I plan to trellis them up the the edge of the porch. The other box is planted with arugula and lettuce, which also grow well in cool weather.


I’m not trying to grow all of my food in these containers, just focused on planting things that make good snacks right off the plant or, like herbs and greens, are great as small additions to meals or salads. I am especially hoping the herbs do well because it is so nice to have fresh herbs available whenever I need them.


I’ll be sharing more about my little garden here as things sprout and grow. I’d love to share ideas and tips, but this is somewhat new for me, too. I came across this urban/container gardening blog that seems like a great resource for those of us who are growing in very small spaces.

Have you planted anything yet?


  1. emily

    May 3, 2011 at 1:01 am

    yes– we planted peas around st. patrick's day, and now they are getting tall-ish (tall enough that they are sending out tendrils and I need to get fencing for them to climb). I think we'll also try to grow brussels sprouts, tomatoes, and we'll see what else!

    I love your basil pot. I think herbs are one of the best gardening plants b/c they are so yummy and satisfying. Some people have great luck with potted tomatoes, so maybe when it's warmer you could try some! They make good snacks.

  2. Anna

    May 3, 2011 at 1:38 am

    Emily – It sounds like your peas are doing well! It has been a really cool and wet spring here, so I got a late start. I will definitely have some tomatoes in my porch garden.

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