Embracing Spring


The small signs of spring have been emerging for weeks, but the ground is still covered with snow. It is melting bit by bit and turning into puddles and frozen lakes on the sidewalks. I am ready for soft breezes, ice-less walks, and glimpses of the grass but spring is slow to emerge this year. We still have plenty of icicles and flowers are just a dream but I’ve decided to embrace spring as much as I can now.

New projects always help me feel re-energized and spring is the perfect time to refocus. Even if it is still way too cold to open the windows, I want to bring a breath of fresh air into my work, our home, and the kitchen. Here are some things I plan to do to make it feel more like spring.

Get back to taking walks every day despite the ice and puddles.
Try pasta with green sauce.
Get outside more, visit some state parks, and soak up the slightly warm sun (see take walks, above).
Print photos and frame photos and artwork for our walls.
Try new recipes and eat more green things. Bake lemon-y desserts.
Fit in a few date nights and outings to places we haven’t been.
Sew a few things for myself, like skirts with this gorgeous jersey cotton fabric.
Plan a last minute quick getaway after Ray finishes school and before the baby comes.

That is plenty, considering that I have several other long to-do lists, but already I feel more excited about what might be a long mud-season. What are you doing to re-energize and welcome spring?