Time and Caring

homemade body 

Taking care of and nourishing myself often comes in the form of cooking good food and enjoying the process of creating in the kitchen. But, in the winter the weather is harsh, the air is dry, I am usually wearing several layers and I like to do something a little extra for myself to feel good inside and out. A while back I mentioned the honey olive oil salt scrub that I have been making. This year, as Christmas gifts I also made body butter and bath salts. I enjoy having these little luxuries to use when I take a bath or to keep my skin from getting terribly dry. It might not seem so luxurious to make them myself, but I found that they are so easy to make and taking the little bit of time to round up the ingredients and mix them up is just another little spot of time and caring for myself.

They are all incredibly moisturizing and it is really a treat to have some body products that feel good to use and that I feel good about putting on my body. I find that most quality body products that I can buy either have ingredients that I don’t like or are out of my price range. Although these aren’t exactly cheap to make, I am certain that the cost of ingredients is far less than it costs to buy much smaller amounts of high end products. The recipes are not mine (although I am sure I will adapt them a bit as I keep making them) but I wanted to share them in case you are looking for some simple ways to treat yourself on these cold, dark, and sometimes dreary days. Of course getting outside in winter, or staying in by the stove, is wonderful but I think it might be made even better with a few little treats for your body at the end of the day.

Lip Balm – I made some peppermint and some grapefruit
Body Butter
Honey Olive Oil Salt Scrub
Bath Salts – I made rosemary and grapefruit (essential oil)

Thanks to Ashley English and Winnie Abramson for the great recipes