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When I wrote, last week, about beginning something new I mentioned that creativity is always a process of learning and making. I want to remind all of us how important it is to enjoy the process because the final results are rarely guaranteed to be what you expect.

The above photographs came from enjoying a quieter moment in the kitchen, appreciating the light and the chance to focus only on mixing and stirring. It was a break from all of our time outside enjoying a truly perfect spring day and I worked with the window open. Maybe all that fresh air was too intoxicating because after I put the quiche in the oven all of the filling leaked out of the pie crust and the tart pan. Needless to say the process was much more gratifying than the unfilled quiche.

For last night’s dinner, I burned the chickpeas when I thought they were just simmering away. It might be true that the more you make, the more mistakes you will make. It is also true that when you are comfortable making and not too attached to the results these mistakes are just little bumps in the road. Just get up and try again.


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  1. luvsclassics

    June 13, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Good morning, I like your essay on the creative process in the kitchen , while listening to the sounds of nature outside the window. That's a great way to view the "cooking mistakes" ,as little bumps in the road. Generally, my husband will eat a slightly burned pancake. LOL. Yes, enjoy the process!!!

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