Something that Won’t Compute (or Make Something!)

The way that I spend much of my time is an ode to the joy of making. I hope this blog reflects that and I hope to send out sparks of inspiration whenever I can. If I’m not specifically focusing on why I like making things, then I am telling you about my most recent creation. Every so often I get an extra jolt of excitement from a projects and recently that has been from sewing clothes. I finally finished the second Esme top that I mentioned last week and I got to experience, again, the thrill of making something that is not only useful but also makes me feel great when I wear it.

In one of my favorite poems, Wendell Berry writes, “So, friends, every day do something that won’t compute.” Something that is more satisfying and fulfilling than making a purchase with the click of a button and waiting for it to show up on the front porch. Something that might not turn out perfectly, might be hard, and will take time. I’ve had way more disasters than successes whether I am cooking, sewing, or trying to build something but I still believe that using your hands and your mind to create is a way to bring your ideas and dreams into reality. It might taste, look, or feel better than anything you’ve done before. It might make you laugh and start over again.

I don’t know how to express it perfectly, eloquently but the other night finishing the last seams and putting it on I wanted to shout to everyone who needs to hear, Make Something!



  1. libraryand

    March 7, 2015 at 10:15 pm

    I was all set to comment on your last post when I realized I wasn't making anything (unless you count boring weeknight dinners)…but you've inspired me to make my mind up about a new knitting project! I've just started making a scarf called 'By Day By Night' using a discontinued Cascade yarn called 'Nikki.' I forget – are you on Ravelry?

  2. Anna

    March 9, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    I count pretty much every thing when it comes to making 🙂 but it is even better if you are inspired or excited about what you are making. I need to get back to knitting, still have to finish Amos' sweater. I have been avoiding Ravelry and Good Reads because I don't want another password and site to maintain, but I always hear good things about them so maybe one of these days I will join.

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