Calm, Clean, and Just Right

I will never have a perfectly decorated home. I will (and do) have a home that feels right, that is put together with things that I enjoy. This includes a lot of color, handmade things, artwork and pictures of people that I love. I like my spaces to be uncluttered as much as possible and I love it when I can read or cook or work in a clean organized space. With a toddler at home, I relish the times when things are tidy even more. I know that my living space will never be perfectly put together or anything close to magazine worthy, but I try to make it as enjoyable as possible for us to spend time in.

Although I don’t consider our living space to have specific decor or themes, I have always really loved blue and white in our bedroom. These colors are calm, clean, and just right for a room that should be both relaxed and cozy. Of course, much of the time our small bedroom is a space for laundry piles, rumpled blankets and socks that have made good friends with the dust bunnies. The blue and white fabric of our comforter cover, quilt, sheets and pillow cases are not perfect coordinated but I still like the soothing colors that bring them all together.

After years and years of use, our pillow cases are looking quite shabby so I decided to replace two of them. I picked out some fabrics that I like and wouldn’t mind seeing every night and every morning right in front of my face. Pillow have to be the easiest thing you can sew, all straight lines and no need to worry about how to turn them right side out. A couple of years ago I wrote about the little things that make home sweeter (and how to keep your pillows and pillow cases fresh) and it is still true.


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