Not Essential

I’ve been trying to stay focused this week, to work on some writing projects and other must-dos but spring has been very distracting. Amos and I have been spending most of the day outside, at the beach, the playground, on walks and bike rides. When I am inside I have been diving into some fun but not totally essential sewing projects.

I have come to really love making things that I can wear. It’s the same satisfaction of cooking from scratch, when you make something in your own home with your own hands that you thought had to be bought from the store. The nice thing about sewing is that the results last longer than one meal. Inspired by Me Made May, I have been wearing something handmade almost every day. I found this fabric a few weeks ago and knew that I had to make myself a skirt. I wanted to get out of my A-line skirt rut so I was excited to find this gathered skirt pattern. The pocket panels completely stumped me for a while but once I figured it out it was not a difficult project.


It has been a long time since I made something for Amos. Now that we have had some warm weather I thought he might like to wear shorts. I made a pair that is reversible (orange on the other side) and I plan to make a few more pairs as soon as I can.

I am grateful that I can find the time and ambition to make these things and although they are not essential I love being able to make things that are beautiful, useful, and fun.


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