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Summer has lingered, but certainly not overstayed its welcome. The mornings are cool, though, the golden light in the late afternoon doesn’t last long, and some nights need extra blankets. It is nice to have this gentle transition, to take trips to the beach and eat popsicles on the the porch while noticing the fading green of the maple leaves, the darker mornings and earlier evenings, and the cool rainy days that seem to say, who are you kidding, fall is here.

For me, it is knitting season again. I rarely knit year round and often don’t start projects for fall and winter until most of the leaves are gone. The shift in seasons encourages me to draw inward, to settle more comfortably inside our home, to feel content with rows of stitches and soft wool.

I am attempting to make a barn sweater. My approach to knitting is: I might as well try. I don’t consider myself a serious knitter, although this will be the fourth sweater (hopefully) that I’ve made. I have never done a button hole or pockets and usually I don’t know what the abbreviations or some of the instructions mean. But fortunately there are plenty of resources to figure these things out. I can’t be sure if I’ll finish the sweater before spring comes, but I am happy to have this meditative process to warm my hands as the season changes.


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  1. Mary Anne's Alaska

    September 26, 2015 at 2:31 am

    I've never gotten into knitting (it intimidates me!), but your description of settling in among warm yarn and cozy nights sounds delightful. 🙂

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