With Gratitude









In this season that can be filled with abundance, connection, and joy, it is hard to forget the loss, fear, and despair that also fills the world. Though it is only a tiny tiny thing in the face of such challenges, I try to practice gratitude regularly and I wanted to share some of things that I am really appreciating in my life these days. So here goes. I am grateful…

For the inspiration, time and energy for new projects. As I prepare for Thanksgiving and beyond I find myself dreaming up ideas that had not previously crossed my mind but that quickly go from unimagined to absolutely necessary. I’m glad I had time to stitch these leaves for our thanksgiving table and that this week will bring lots more making.

For the opportunity to share some of the abundance that we have and to give, in small ways, to others.

For the challenging, wonderful, exhausting, fun experience of every day with my son. I am so grateful that we are part of each others lives, constantly learning, sharing, and trying to do better.

Also for parenting with and sharing a life with someone I love.

I am always grateful for good food and this week I get to cook lots of it. I am grateful for the chance to host almost all of our immediate family in what will be a crowded, cozy, messy, delicious day.

For being able to truly appreciate this time of the year with its many celebrations as well as this season of life.

Although this can often go without saying, I feel so lucky to live a safe and happy life, something that is not taken for granted by everyone and, unfortunately, not available to all. I hope to find more opportunities and ways to make sure that everyone has the things they need, the respect they deserve, and a chance at happiness or more.





Sometimes gratitude can seems like a way to gloss over or ignore the difficult things. For me, it is a way to shift my focus, to think and act from a place of abundance and to be more joyful and less discouraged. One of my favorite poems speaks to the way that gratitude and hopelessness can be intertwined. I wrote this post and was quite happy with it, then hit the wrong button and it was gone. Forever. I was writing about gratitude and suddenly feeling very ungrateful and annoyed. I’ve done my best to recreate and articulate the thoughts I wanted to share while both laughing and feeling frustrated with the way that life happens.

If you’re up for it, please share what you are grateful for.