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It has been a surprisingly wintry December. We’ve had snow on the ground for more than a week with no hint of a thaw. We were lucky enough to have a working wood stove installed right before the first snow so the past week has been a combination of warm and cozy inside and active adventures outside with plenty of making and preparing for the season.

I have been spending nearly every spare moment making Christmas gifts for Amos and Eowyn. This makes it sound like the gifts are elaborate and involved, but really the spare time is a bit scarce. Of course the Arlo sweater took me much longer than such a small cardigan should have because I make lots of mistakes when I knit. I also made a pair of parsley pants for Amos and a geranium dress for Eowyn. When you have fun making and enjoy the process of creating, the gift becomes so much more than just the thing you give. I am still finishing up some odds and ends (I still need buttons for the sweater!) and debating whether to sneak in one more project before Christmas day.

We have been enjoying the anticipation of Christmas (and Solstice!) by slowing decorating and making our home more festive. We cut out snow white ornaments, that contrast so nicely with the dark green tree, from a baking soda and corn starch dough.  This week we are making treats and cookies to give to family, friends and neighbors. On Thursday we are planning a solstice dinner and fire outside (probably one in the woodstove, too) to celebrate the longest nights and the return of the sun.

In this month of planning, preparing, welcoming, and waiting the process is everything. The making, the sharing, the learning, the celebrating is, for us, as much a a part of the holiday as the one or two days that are officially holidays. I’m grateful that we can incorporate so much making into our celebrations.


P.S. I’ll probably post some of the finished products on instagram this week if you’d like to see.

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  1. SM

    January 17, 2018 at 3:58 am

    Wow. I came across your blog by accident – I just am hopeless with creating anything -this is so inspiring!

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