A Wintry Day

March has arrived looking no different than February and bringing another blast of snow and icy air. This gave me an unexpected snow day, and the gift of sitting warm, and fairly cozy inside working on various projects while outside the snow blows sideways and covers the cold earth. Its been a long winter. I’ve been glad for the times outside gliding along on new cross country skis. I haven’t had enough time to this recently, but I have spent plenty of time as bundled as possible trudging over ice and snow in well below freezing air.

Today, sitting in side, I’ve finally had a chance to dream about spring. I’ve been choosing vegetable seeds to plant at the community garden. Its hard to imagine seeds growing in the warmth of the sun right now, but I know that it is coming as the days pass so quickly. I stumbled upon this soon to be film and watching the trailer brought me straight to a field on a summer morning. Just a glimpse of these farms and the farmers who are so passionate and caring about the land is really inspiring to me. I truly can’t wait to be involved in all of that. I’ve been reading about cheese and learning to make some and brushing up on gardening skills and techniques to get ready for the season. Despite the piling snow, flakes driven sideways by the wind, spring lies beneath waiting to emerge. Even as I grip my tea cup for warmth, I know it will be here so soon.