Small Joys

Time flies by and by the end of the week the beginning seems like a distant, vague memory. The weeks swing round and I find myself in the same spot I was a week ago like no time has passed. But in between are all the small things that make up all of life. For these I rejoice.

A sunny warm walk to the beach, watching dogs play freely and joyfully. After a busy, tiring day at work, a nice restaurant week meal. More sun and warmth on a day that was supposed to be rainy. The time to be leisurely: to take a walk with my favorite guy and puppy dog, to share conversation and a meal with a friend. Riding my bicycle again after it has sat inside for months.

Just sitting in the sun and soaking up the warmth which can be so fleeting in March.

a clean kitchen

The simple joy of a clean kitchen.

cookie making

And the equal delight in making a mess of it.

A lovely mess