The Light

Across the gardens, across the schoolyards
Across the chapels where lovers have leapt
   Across the table in our old kitchen                 
  Across the cities where our future slept         
     It’s the light that’s changing                             
     It’s the light that’s changing                              
     It’s the light that’s changing                               
       It’s only the light                                                   
                                                     –Mason Jennings                       
I finally finished a spring project.  I’ve had the fabric for a while now, but I became extra motivated by the bright sun that’s been shining all around.  When we moved into our apartment, heavy dark curtains hung over all the windows.  I took most of them down and replaced them with others, but the curtains in our bedroom have stayed.  They kept out the winter drafts that seeped through the newly replaced windows, but they also kept it quite dim in there.
Our apartment is on the first floor and most of the windows are on the north side of the building, so I am always eager for whatever sunlight shines in and this time of year there is more and more.  Living on the first floor, I like to have curtains, especially at night, though I don’t think there are many people looking in our windows.  It’s still nice to have some privacy.
The curtain project went swimmingly.  Usually in my sewing (and many other things) there are a few mishaps, but I only had to rip out and re-sew one tiny seem this time.
I made panel curtains from this  Joel Dewberry fabric which I bought at my local fabric store.I bought two yards which was just enough to make two half-curtains with attached loops to hold them up.  I thought half curtains would work well to let in more light, but keep the bedroom a private space.  I do love looking up at the blue sky while lying in bed.  Alas, here was my mishap. Our windows are adjacent to the neighbor’s driveway and on the off chance that someone upstairs looked out they might see into our bedroom window.  Am I being overly concerned about this? I love the way they look in the room, but I think they might let in too much of the outside world.  Once again I have that familiar feeling of, how can I fix this mistake?  But the curtains themselves are perfect, just not for that room.
They are held up by expandable tension curtain rods which I love because you can move them from window to window or apartment to apartment. For now I have hung the curtains in our project room/office, a chaotic and sunny corner of the apartment where we make all kinds of things, especially lots of messes.  I guess I’ll be on the look out for more curtain fabric and time to sew them before daylight savings time ends!


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