Happy July!

Cherry Tomatoes

In the past week I have been doing a bit of baking, partly in hopes of sharing them here. There was a strawberry shortcake which fulfilled my strawberry and whipped cream dreams, but the cake wasn’t all I had hoped for.  I’ve also been trying to experiment with cocoa nibs, but no recipes yet.

I have been enjoying farmer’s markets, piles of immensely sweet strawberries, flavors of summer: the snap of biting into a fresh pea pod, and tastes of freshly made cheese. There is a festival air that comes when everyone is out enjoying the beautiful day, admiring artists creativity and the bounty of what has been harvested.

Its just in the past couple of weeks that there are actually vegetables and fruits at the market and it is certainly something to celebrate.  What summer foods have you been celebrating?


  1. Dman

    July 1, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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