Summer is never going to end, right?

The reason I ask is that I finally bought a popsicle mold. At the end of July.

After I made my first batch, I was entertaining ideas of starting a popsicle stand — not the kind you find yourself leaving from time to time, but one that sells popsicles with interesting and refreshing flavors. But I’ve given up on making popsicles full time and settled, enthusiastically, for making as many kinds of popsicles as I can for as long as summer lasts.

Any kind of smoothie can be turned into a good popsicle — green, berry-full, banana peanut butter. Adding yogurt or coconut milk makes them nice and creamy. Amos calls them poxibles and eats them sitting on our porch dripping here and there.

Fudgecicles are fun. Experimental blueberry, beet, coconut milk pops not bad. My favorites so far started with a banana coconut milk ice cream base that, instead of churning, I poured into the molds. They needed no embellishment, but I couldn’t resist coating some of them in chocolate for an extra special treat.

There are so many popsicle possibilities so I am sharing this as inspiration. Whether or not you enjoy frozen treats, I hope you are savoring whatever makes your summer sweet.


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