The Small Things, Always the Small Things

I am in that time of trying to slow down while also tying up loose ends and checking off the last things I want to accomplish. I am accepting that I won’t have everything perfect before the baby comes which is fine because no matter how much I clean or prepare, it will be a mess again in a moment. I am glad that I am able to reflect a bit and do my best to enjoy these last weeks and days before our new family member arrives.

I was lucky enough to have a few days to myself recently. As in, no husband, no child, just me at home doing whatever I wanted. Although I have had many days and weekends like this before, I have not had a stretch of time like that in the past 3 years and it will be many years before I have a stretch like that to myself again. At times, I felt like I was wearing a an old favorite sweater that, although it had been long forgotten in the back of a drawer, fit well enough to remind me of the person I was the last time I put it on.

A few days free from taking care for another person nudged my thoughts toward the ideas, goals, and dreams that I have when I am not consumed by parenting. For now, I’m tucking them back in the drawer but in several months or a year I will make sure that they are a part of every day. In the mean time, it is the small things, the short term goals and the satisfaction of getting rid of clutter, making a few things for babies to wear, finishing knitting projects without interruption, or doing nothing more than watch the sunlight creep along the bedroom wall.

P.S. That sweet little dress is the little geranium dress from Made By Rae, free on her website, if you are interested. I made up the other pattern.



  1. Jess

    April 13, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    I love the clothes, Anna!!

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