A few days from December


The seasons arrive and disappear with such speed. I often wonder how quickly they will flee in another 20 years when each season is an even smaller fraction of my life. Luckily I now get a glimpse into the perspective of a 2 1/2 and 5 1/2 year old. They still don’t really tell time or follow the calendar and I often think that moving from waking to bedtime, following the weather not the date is the way to be. Amos, who remembers a few years past, wonders when Christmas will be here, when it will be summer again, and how much longer until it snows.

As we settle into winter, time doesn’t slow down, but this season can still feel long. It is quite a stretch when you put on your winter boots in November and don’t stop wearing them until April. We’ve already had a few snow storms and now a bit of a thaw and I need to remind myself to get outside and explore even if the weather feels more conducive to sitting in front of the fire. The already dark days have me wanting to be surrounded by candles and twinkling lights to turn the gray days into cozy opportunities. While I am constantly planning ahead, I am also trying to remember that the beauty, magic, and coziness of December can spread throughout this icy, sparkly season.

A few days from December and I am reminding myself to enjoy what is here right now. To embrace planning ahead so that we can have fun with advent projects and to keep myself from stressing about last minute gifts. I’m thinking about making chocolates, knitting hats, sewing a dress for myself, and whether our holiday traditions are meaningful enough, or just fun, and if that matters at all. What I lean toward every day, and try be present at this time of year, keeping things slow and simple and trying to avoid the last minute rush. I want to simply enjoy the season; until I come up with a last minute I idea that seems absolutely necessary.

As time flies by, I notice the way that I approach and respond to the different times of year. I feel fortunate that in experiencing them again and again, I can learn from past mistakes, use my time a bit better, or stop worrying about getting it right and just be.

I hope this season brings you the right amount of quiet and noise, plenty of calm but just enough excitement, and whatever else you wish for it to bring.