Join me for a class!

For years, I’ve been dreaming of a way to offer people a break from daily life, a way to connect with their creativity, to learn new skills, and to gather with others. I know that not everyone has the ability, time, or means to travel to a multi-day creative retreat but we can all benefit from taking some time for ourselves. I want to give you a chance to retreat from your daily routine, to reconnect with your senses, and use your hands to create so, I’m offering three different opportunities for you to let go of other tasks and daily obligations and join me for a day of creating and connecting.

I’ve designed these classes to share my interest in creating with scraps. I feel strongly that we can awaken and connect with our creativity while making things that are useful and beautiful to have around. There’s no need for special materials or products, when we look at what we already have or often discard, resources are abundant. Choosing to create instead of consume is deeply beneficial to our souls, our homes, and our planet and I hope these classes will give you the chance to add creative practices to your life. In June, we’ll practice ways to reduce waste with satisfying creative practices. In August, we will focus on paper: printing with scraps and making books. October’s class will be all about food and how to make the most of scraps and leftovers.

Each class is open to a small group. We will gather in my home for several hours on a Saturday with plenty of time for learning and practicing new skills, enjoying the vegetarian lunch I will prepare for you, and wandering around my fledgling suburban homestead. I hope this will be a wonderful learning opportunity, but think of it less like a class and more like a mini-retreat. Beaches and walking trails near my house can provide opportunities for you to further extend your getaway.

You can read all about the classes here. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions and spread the word if you know someone who might be interested.