Last Week’s Class

I recently hosted my first class focused on wasting less and creating more. We practiced three projects that allow us to incorporate meaningful creative practices into every day life while taking some time to care for ourselves and finding ways to waste less. Although making yogurt, body butter, and beeswax wrap are relatively simple handmade tasks, I strongly believe in the importance of making. Everyone should have a chance to make things with their own hands and even if it isn’t unique or innovative, regular creative practices are so valuable for our well-being.

We also talked about the challenges to incorporating regular creative practices into every day life and brainstormed some possible solutions. One thing we were all interested in is connecting with community and getting together to share these creative practices and support each other in wasting less and creating more. After we finished our projects we all sat down for a nourishing meal and equally nourishing time to talk, laugh, and relax with nowhere else to be and nothing else to do for a little while.

Since then, my mind has been racing to think of ways to share resources, reduce waste and consumption, and connect with and support a community of people who desire to waste less and create more, even if they are not quite sure how. I’ve been reading and learning more about the climate crisis and the necessity of making big changes to our current system of individual consumption and corporate control. It is a daunting task, but I am enlivened by the possibilities that come with creativity, making by hand, and connecting with community.